Transcript Requests

Official / Unofficial
The Records Secretary is responsible for fulfilling transcript requests.
Please send your requests via email at
or by fax at (623) 915-8962.

Transcript Request Form

Below is a general overview of key elements pertaining to transcript requests. 

 1 Method
Submit all transcript requests in writing 
 2 Name Provide first, middle, and last name (indicate the previous last name if there has been a change through marriage or other legal court ordered documentation)
 3 Birth Date
Present your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy
 4 Graduation Year
Indicate the graduation year and/or years attended
 5 Identification Obtain clean/clear copy of suitable photo Identification
 6 Phone Number
Include reliable daytime phone number.  Transcripts will NOT be processed without this contact information
 7 Fax
To receive by fax:  Specify name of recipient plus fax number including area code
 8 Mail To receive by mail:  Specify name of department (if applicable:  nursing, admissions, human resources etc.) plus accurate mailing address
 9 Official Document:  Embossed with school stamp & mailed in sealed envelope.  Typically this official record is requested for verification of graduation and utilized for schools, scholarships, employment etc.
 10 Unofficial Document:  Marked unofficial.  Typically this unofficial record is requested for personal records, insurance information etc.