Current Cheer Members

Anyone who is moved up or placed on Varsity must have a minimum of a standing BHS and a round-off BHS. Your overall tryout score takes into account as well. Cheerleaders should talk to the coaches & ask what they can work on if it is their goal to be moved up to Varsity. 
*If you did not make the team please do not get discouraged to tryout in May for the next year. We can tell you what to work on. 


THS Current Cheer Members

Junior Varsity

Kylee H. (varsity alternate)
Emily P.
Mikayla B.
Rylynn T.
Sydnee Y.
Taylor J.
Lauren S.
Justine D.
Haylee G.
Ajork (AJ) 
Evan L.
Delaney M.
Kimberly V.
Hailey W.


Zane K. (Captain)
Taylor R. (Captain)
Bailey E.(Captain)
Savannah B.
Paola M.
Julia G.
Rachel B.
Chloe Z.
Alex H.
Miah H.
Alaina W.
Anna G.
Jenna G.
Camilia H.