Cell Phones and Personal Electronic Devices at THS

Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy
Posted on 7/30/2009
THS Cell Phone & Electronic Device Policy
There is no doubt that for many teens their cell phone or music player is one of their most cherished items, and many teens would consider their cell phone or music player an essential item. For educators, however, the increasing technological capabilities of cell phones and music players raise serious concerns regarding academic integrity and personal privacy. Students are able to text message or take photos of exam answers and send them to classmates, or even record answers or entire essays on an mp3 player to listen to during an exam. In addition, students with cell phone cameras may snap photos of students changing clothing in the P.E. locker area and post them on websites. To promote academic integrity, professionalism, and protect personal privacy, many high schools--including Thunderbird--have implemented school-wide cell phone and electronic device policies. 
The Thunderbird High School Cell Phone and Electronic Device Policy states that students will only be able to use cell phones and other personal electronic devices before or after school. Cell phone and personal electronic device use is prohibited during the school day, which includes lunch. The school day is defined as first bell to last bell (7:55 am-2:35 pm) and any other instructional time including detention and EOP. Use is interpreted as using any function or feature on the cell phone or electronic device. This includes use in hallways, restrooms, offices or any other place on campus; students may NOT take a pass out of class to use their electronic device. During the school day cell phones and other personal electronic devices must be silenced or switched off, and the complete unit--including headphones--kept out of sight. A student may use the school telephone in the attendance office to make emergency phone calls to a parent or guardian. Parents or guardians may call the office to have a time-sensitive emergency message delivered to a student.
I would like to thank the parents and Thunderbird High School community for their continued support of the students and school!
Thank you.
Matt Belden
Principal, Thunderbird High School