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Programming Projects

We finished Raspberry week in coding.  This is where the students got into collaborative learning groups and built/programmed a project using a Raspberry PI.  The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that can be programmed and customized into several different types of projects.  This is just a sample of what the students built.


An Amazon Alexis clone - It runs just like an Alexis, but built in with a Raspberry Pi.

A LED light controller.

A retro game emulator that played games from pac-man, space invaders, donkey kong, and many others. 

A magic/smart mirror.  This is a mirror that has a calendar, time, weather, news feed, and an inspiring message displayed on the mirror.  

A remote control car that had a camera which was turned into a web cam and was able to broadcast what it sees on a phone or other computer.  It is called the secretPi.  

An operational drone that will be controlled remotely.  This project required programming voltage output to control the motors and propellers.  

A pirate radio.  The students were able to broadcast music over FM frequency from the Raspberry Pi.  We stayed inside of FCC guidelines!  

There are more projects in the works!