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         Welcome to THS Media Center online! Mr. Fowler is here to help you with all of your reading and research needs. You will find links to our physical book catalog, our eBook catalog (Sora) and our main research database GALE. 
      What's New 2018-2019 - Thunderbird High School                     

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Update 11/4/20: Book Club is now reading The Sleeper Awakes. It's a classic H.G. Wells sci- fi novel. You can find it on Sora as an unlimited checkout. Click on our THS Book Club link to learn more.

Update 9/22/20: We have over 150 new books to check out when we return to campus! Book Club is reading The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button by F Scott Fitzgerald. You can find it anytime on our eBook app Sora.

Update 8/24/20: THS Book Club is reading The Call of the Wild by Jack London. Maybe you've seen the movie? The first chapter is absolutely gripping! You can find an 'always available ' copy on Sora. 

Update 8/1/20: Please feel free to visit our online eBook source Sora (get the app for your phone also). We have some great new books, so many collections of different genres and even audio books! Click the following link to take you there. You must be a current student, just use your student login and password and you're ready to read! Click on 'find my school' and find Thunderbird High School or use code: GlendaleAZ