Announcements 4/15/20



Student Council Elections will be held in the upcoming weeks. To be a part of the class, you must be elected in.  Due to the current circumstance, some of the normal requirements on the application have been eliminated for this year and this year only.  If you are interested in running for Student Council, read the information below and fill out the application.  I will be looking at grades after you have submitted your application.  

What is STUCO?

            Student Council members are the leaders of the school.

            Student Council is an elective that teaches leadership skills such as public speaking and communication.

            Student Council allows you to express your creativity and turn your ideas into reality!


Why join STUCO?

            Student council is a great way to get involved in your school, meet new people, and help build leadership qualities!

            It teaches you the value of teamwork and other skills that will help you excel in and out of school.

            You’ll learn how to engage with a diverse group of people.

            It is a great way to break out of your shell.

            Fact: It will make school more enjoyable from day to day!!!


What goes on in STUCO?

            Student Council is in charge of putting together and running school events such as dances, assemblies, Homecoming Events and blood drives.

            The Arizona Association of Student Councils puts together leadership conventions for STUCO to meet new Stugo members from around the state and learn new ideas to bring back to our school.

            Student Council members help out at sporting events and host different afterschool activities. 


In order to earn a place on the ballot, each candidate must:

              Complete Application Form


You may campaign through social media.  Make sure everything is school appropriate OR you will be removed from the ballot.  


 Student Body Elections-

Student Body is the Leaders of the Leaders.  They are the top positions in Stugo.  They do not represent a specific class, but the whole student body aka the whole school. If you run for Student Body and do not win, you can still run in the Class Elections, which happen a week later. 

Complete Application Form (Due by Friday, April 17th)

Student Body Elections will be on Friday, April 24, 2020!!!


 Class Elections-

You are running to represent your specific class.

Complete Application Form (Due by Monday, April 27th)

Class Elections will be on Friday, May 1, 2020!!!


Please email me with any questions you may have about running.

Ms. Pavlik