How to sign up for PSAT

How to sign up for the PSAT

                                     PSAT Sales
                                  Key Information

Who: Junior & Sophomore students plus Freshmen in Honors English. (Seniors should take the
SAT and must register online directly with the testing company.)
Cost: $14 Payable to Thunderbird High School
When: PSAT will be on sale through the bookstore from 9/11/15 through 9/25/15
Sales Step-by-Step:
-As students pay, a registration form will be kept with their name, student ID, & grade.
Students will be given a receipt that they paid.
-Give students a guide book along with salmon colored flyer. The flyer has important
information for parents & students to sign up to receive reminders and/or updates
regarding the PSAT.
Test Day Reminders
- The PSAT will be held at Thunderbird on Wednesday October 28th, 2015.
- Students will check-in at the auditorium.
-Students MUST bring a photo ID or they will not be admitted to the test.
-The test will begin promptly at 8am and students will be dismissed at approximately
-Calculators are allowed on the math portion of the test. Students are responsible for
bringing the appropriate type. Pocket organizers, handheld computers, cell phone
calculators, calculators with a QWERTY keypad, or those that make noises are
- Students should dress in layers or bring a sweater in case it gets cold in the testing rooms

If you'd like to set up a PSAT reminder on the 'remind' app. Here are the steps:

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Any other questions, please contact Allan McRae at 623-915-8925