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The procedure for athletic clearance information is located on line at: 

Click on “Athletics”

Click on “Athletics Clearance”

Print and complete all required forms. (Make sure that you have all required signatures on all forms.)

Turn forms into the athletic office.  (INCOMPLETE PACKETS CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED)

 It is highly recommended that ALL athletes get cleared for ALL sports at the beginning of the school year.

The following timeline shows the due dates for specific sports.  Students submitting packets after these dates cannot be guaranteed clearance for the first day of try-outs.

Varsity Football July 22, 23 & 24
Varsity Coach - Brent Wittenwyler
JV Coach - John Ganados
Frosh Coach - Chris Francis

Cross Country, Badminton, Golf, Volleyball, Swim/Dive, & Cheer: July 27-31
CC Varsity Coach Carl Riney
JV Coach  Mike Sidebottom

Badminton Coach Karen Horine

Golf Coach Matt Schurman

Volleyball Coaches
Varsity  Ricks Jherra
JV  Christine Freeman
Frosh  Heather Tackacs

Swim Coach  Angela Puma

Cheer Coaches
Varisty Jennifer Kekic
JV  Carol Teixteira

Basketball, Soccer & Wrestling: October 19-23
Boys Basketball 
Varsity Buddy Rake
JV  Carl Riney
Frosh  John Cannnon

Girls Basketball
Varsity  Barry Ringel
JV Megan Knowles
Vrosh Sharon Theisen

Soccer - Boys
Varsity  -  Pending
JV  Alex Fowler

Soccer - Girls
Varsity  Angelo Iozzo
JV  Christine Freeman

Varsity - Pending
JV  Travis Azevedo
Frosh  Isaiah Gomez

Baseball, Softball, Track & Tennis: Jan 25-29

Varsity  Clay Klavitter
JV  RJ Frank
Frosh  Steven O'Hair

Varsity - Pending
JV Christine Freeman
Frosh  Nate Mickelson

Carl Riney

Varsity Boys  Karen Horine

Varsity Girls  Angela Puma

 Checklist of required forms:

¨ AIA Concussion Education and Test-Brainbook (Required once)

¨ AIA MTBI/Concussion Acknowledgement Form

¨ Sports Rish Video Verification Form

¨ AIA Pre-Participation Medical History (3 pages) Signed by Student, Parent & Physician)

¨ AIA PRE-Participation Physical Examination (Must be signed by physician. Include address & phone number of office/clinic.  Official office stamp preferred.) (Physicals must be given after February 29th)

¨ Emergency Consent Form [ You will need TWO copies of this form.]

¨ Health Insurance Card (Front & back copy of card) or School Insurance (All athletes MUST have insurance.) (Information for purchasing school insurance is available in athletic office.)

¨ Certified copy of Birth Certificate

 All student athletes must complete a new packet every year. (Brainbook Test is the only exception.)

Students need only to be cleared once per school year even if playing multiple sports. However, students must come into the athletic office to be moved from one sport to another.

In order to participate in any preseason sporting activity (Example: summer weight lifting, open gym, etc.) an “OUT OF SEASON LIABILITY RELEASE FORM AND CONSENT FOR EMERGENCY CARE” form must be signed & given to the coach. The coach will give the students this form. The student may not participate in any activities before turning in this form.