The Thunderbird Sensory Integration Program at THS helps out!

Thunderbird Sensory Integration Program at THS

The Thunderbird Sensory Integration Program visited the Desert Mission Food Bank on Friday, September 15, for a community service outing. The students were very excited about the opportunity! The class had the chance to be a part of a wonderful program that gives back to the local community.

Our service included creating “Snack Bags” for local elementary school students who are in need. This provided those students with food to take home over the weekend.

The community service outing not only allowed our students to help the community, but also provides great academic and social skills practice. Through this experience, students were able to:

· Practice reading skills when reading the directions for their work station

· Practice counting and math skills when gathering and loading correct number of items into bag

· Exercise fine and gross motor skills through various steps in the process

· Get physical activity

· Practice communication skills and building complete sentences

· Practice organizational skills

· Practice teamwork and cooperation with others

The Thunderbird Sensory Integration Program will continue this unique way to enhance their learning experiences twice a month throughout the year!

All are welcome!!!

Desert Mission Food Bank Dates

September 8 and 26

October 17 and 31

November 7 and 16

December 15

January 23

February 6 and 20

March 6

April 10 and 26

May 8 and 17