Activities: Yearbook

Welcome to Thunderbird's 2019-20 school year!  

Current Adviser: Dan Sellazzo
Adviser Contact Information:  623-915-8900 ext. 7102

Yearbook prices: The price is $60 for the first semester. Prices will go up to $65 for the remainder of the school year, when students return after the new year. After registration yearbooks are purchased in the bookstore and they accept cash and check. 

Senior Portraits: The strict deadline for senior portraits is December 21st, 2019! All portraits must be done through GRADS Photography. Their contact information is 623-566-1082 and a summer appointment is highly recommended. Several reminders will be sent to parents/seniors beginning with the summer newsletter, a summer postcard, email and phone call reminders, and verbal announcements--please do not procrastinate with senior portraits!! Any portraits not taken by GRADS or taken after December 21st may not be featured in the 2020 yearbook. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Senior Ads: Please click on the "Parent Ad" tab for detailed information. Ad space is available for parents who wish to purchase an ad for their graduating senior(s). Ads should be purchased by January 10th, 2020 in order to guarantee your desired space in the yearbook. Please view the "parent ads" tab on this page for further information. After the January 10th deadline has passed, space will be sold on a first come first served basis until no more ad space is available. Contact Dan Sellazzo at 623-915-8900 ext. 7102 or